New Class Attempts to Improve Student's Money Management Skills

New Class Attempts to Improve Student's Money Management Skills
By: Ryan Tate
JACKSON, Mo. --The Class of 2010 in Missouri will be more savvy in terms of personal finance. At least, that is what state leaders hope.  A new rule this this year makes it a requirement for freshmen to take one credit of money management.
"Many high school students are opening checking accounts, getting jobs, buying cars, filing tax returns and getting offers for credit cards," said Nancy Headrick, assistant commissioner for career education in the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  "In order for individuals to prepare for work and family life in today's society, they need a variety of skills for making informed decisions, managing resources and solving practical problems," she said.
The Jackson School District began offering money management classes 25 year ago. Students learn things like savings and investing, spending and credit, as well as insurance.
"Every year counselors send out surveys and the one thing we get back positive is our business curriculum," Business teacher Janet Ludwig said.
Over the years, the curriculum has changed, especially when it comes to credit. Ludwig says students are receiving credit card applications in the mail, and some even have credit cards.  She believes this class helps prepare them for the future.
"I never really experienced that but I'll have a job soon, it's good to know," Junior Chase Lasewell said.