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Dexter, MO

Dexter teen saves his dad's life

Dustin Peters Dustin Peters
Derek Peters Derek Peters

Dexter teen saves his dad's life
By: Wes Wallace

DEXTER, Mo. - In the blink of an eye, a Dexter teenager saves his father's life, with his own two hands. "I didn't even think I'd ever have a chance to use it, especially on my dad,"  explains Dustin Peters.

Rewind to Saturday, when the Peters family was on the way from Dexter to Bloomfield. "I was losing it,"  recalls Derek Peters, "Looking back, I don't know what was happening."

What was happening, was Derek began having a seizure while driving.  His wife Brandy managed to stop their truck, and that's when Dustin sprang into action. "I jumped out of the truck, ran around and got my Dad out and started doing CPR,"  says Dustin, "I pumped about 15-20 times and then this nurse drove up and helped us out."

Just last month Dustin learned how to perform CPR in health class. Lucky for Derek, his son knew what to do.  "I say if your kids can take the class, have them do it, because it just might save your life."   Derek is still very sore from the ordeal and says it hurts just to breathe.

Two days later, it's Dustin's birthday.  He knows giving the gift of life and getting a title of lifesaver are presents he'll definitely cherish forever.  

Dustin also tells us he really doesn't want to be an EMT or a doctor, instead he's got his sights set on playing professional football.

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