Student saves the life of her teacher

Student saves the life of her teacher
By: Holly Brantley
KENNETT, Mo. - Teachers offer students the special gift of guidance and knowledge. But, at Kennett Middle School, 13-year-old Amanda Rinks applied some last minute learning so well, she was able to save the life of her teacher.
"It was between my first and second period classes," Tiletia Copley, a teacher at Kennett Middle School. "I took a drink of coffee, just like normal. I started to cough and choke. I thought it would clear but it didn't."
Soon, Copley was choking, gasping for air, and desperate for help.
"I was looking for anybody to help me," Copley explained.
As Copley searched for help, 13 year old Amanda Rinks was on her way to Copley's Health Class.
"Amanda came to the door, dropped her books, and I let her know what I needed her to do," Copley demonstrates. "I think she very well could have saved my life."
"I saw how she was choking and she put her arms around me and I knew what she meant," said rinks. "I was shaking and she came in and thanked me and hugged me and everything."
Fellow students call rinks a hero.
"They called me a life saver and hugged me and cheered when I came down the hall," said Rinks.
Appropriately, Rinks came to the rescue on Copley's birthday.
"I was just thinking what a good birthday present," said Rinks.
Copley will officially teach the Heimlich to Amanda and other students sometime in January.
This could be a sign of an early calling for Rinks. She wants to be a Veterinarian.