Shopping mix up: expensive spaghetti sauce

Shopping mix up: expensive spaghetti sauce
By: Holly Brantley

PERRYVILLE, Mo. - A warning to thousands of shoppers already swarming stores: Make sure you get what you pay for....literally.  Because what happened to a Perryville, Missouri couple says happened to them, could easily happen to you.  The Rittenberg's dished out more than $1,500 for a new video camera but were served spaghetti sauce instead.

Now they have a one big credit card bill, no camera, and no idea if they'll ever see that money again.
"I pulled out the camera, or what I thought was the camera, but it's Classico Spaghetti Sauce. $1,500 spaghetti sauce," Jim Rittenberg said.
Melisa and Jim Rittenberg say it all started when they went to exchange a video camera at a St. Louis Best Buy store.
Jim decided to buy a more expensive model. So, he paid the difference and left the store. But, when he opened the box there was no camera to be found. Instead he got some pasta sauce, a phone cord, and an outdoor outlet cover. The items weighed just over a pound and a half. That's about the same as the High Definition Sony Camera that was no where to be found.
Melisa says at least the expensive sauce is covered.
"With an extended warranty and a camera bag to put it in," said Melisa. You have to find humor in it because what else can you do!"
The couple went back to Best Buy to try and sort out the mess. "They said there was no way it could have happened in the store because the Sony sticker on the box wasn't cut," Melisa said.
"I would just like a replacement camera. If not that, then replace my money," said Jim.
So far, no one can be sure when or how the sauce got in the box. The Rittenberg's say the issue is far from resolved. But as we head into the busy shopping season, the couple offers some advice to their fellow consumers.
"If you're purchasing anything without a window on the box you need to open it at the store with the sales person present," said Melisa. "Because, after you leave the store it's yours."
The Rittenberg's still have a lot of red tape to go through before they found out if they'll get their money back or another camera.
We did speak with a Best Buy representative. The spokesperson says they hope to resolve the situation as soon as possible. They plan to contact the manager at the store where the camera was purchased, as well as Jim and Melisa Rittenberg.

11/28 Update:

Jim and Melisa Rittenberg say a representative from Sony contacted them Monday afternoon.  Sony plans to send them a new camcorder.  The camcorder should be in their hands later this week.