Baby recovered; Father in Custody

Baby Recovered; Father in Custody
By: Carly O'Keefe

Makanda, IL --Billi Bays bandaged chest still hurts, but she says she's recovering. Sunday night Bays says her estranged boyfriend stabbed her in the chest, and then he disappeared with their 18-month-old daughter.
Now that Randall Edmonston is behind bars and her baby daughter Randy has been recovered safely, Bays says she can rest easy.
"The police came at about 4:30 this morning and told me they'd found him in Wisconsin... I don't have to look over my shoulder anymore," said Bays.
Police located Randall Edmonston in Caledonia, Wisconsin. Bays credits a story that aired Wednesday night on KFVS12 for helping find her baby and the fugitive father.
"He has family down here and they saw the news report, and they called up there and called the police and they took him into custody," Bays said.
Edmonston's family owns property in Wisconsin. Inside a home there, police found Edmonston and baby Randy.
"The baby is safe, she's with her aunt and we're going to go get her soon," said Bays.
After a Thanksgiving holiday spent fearing for her child's safety, Bays is now thankful for the efforts of police, Edmonston's family and KFVS12.
"I'm very thankful, thank you so much for giving my baby back," said Bays.
Bays and her father plan to drive to Wisconsin over the weekend to pick up Randy from her Aunt's home in Wisconsin. Then she'll be brought back home.