Thanksgiving First Time Volunteers

Thanksgiving First Time Volunteers
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, KY --For some people in the Heartland Thanksgiving is a way to give back through service.  As we discovered some first time volunteers at Martha's Vineyard in Paducah say they'll be making this a regular tradition.

In Paducah on Thanksgiving Martha's Vineyard is a tradition in it self that started in 1991.
"This has been a big tradition in our community," said Paducah native Marcia Duncan. 
For the first time Marcia, her mother and aunt opted to postpone their own holiday plans to try their hand at giving back, "I think it's important to help and to give and it's about thanksgiving but also giving too," she added. 
Marcia manned the dish washing station while her mother Sharon and Aunt Joyce took care of the rolls.
"It's a blessing to be apart of this," said Joyce Story. 
"The Lord has been so good to us that you want to repay someone in someway that less fortunate," said Sharon Stone.   
The kitchen, serving line and pick up area are lined with volunteers.
Martha, the founder and owner, herself said if you want to help they find you a spot whether it's mixing gravy or loading sodas.
"It makes you feel so good," said Story. 

The volunteers help goes along way they sliced and diced: 157 turkeys, 200 gallons of green beans, 200 gallons of corn, 22,000 pounds of dressing, 160 gallons of sweet potatoes, 500 pies and cakes to prepare a whopping 6000 meals."It's a worthy cause and helps a lot of people," said Stone.

These ladies also tell me their not going to let the tradition stop with them, next year they plan on toting a new more volunteers like the grandchildren.
"I think that is important that they see as they grow up helping others is a big part of life," said Stone.
They have still set aside time to have their own Thanksgiving feasts, "I still have to go home and fix pies," mentioned Stone.
But that will have to wait until they've served those who need it the most.
Thursday marked the 15th year Martha's Vineyard served meals to the McCracken Community.