Southern Illinois Police Search for Stabbing Suspect

Southern Illinois Police Search for Stabbing Suspect
By: Carly O'keefe

MAKANDA, IL --Police are looking for a man charged with attempted murder, home invasion, and aggravated attempted battery. A warrant was issued for the arrest of Randall Edmonston of rural Makanda, Illinois Wednesday.
Witnesses say Edmonston entered a home in the Raccoon Valley Trailer Court Sunday evening, stabbed his girlfriend in the chest and then disappeared. Edmonston is said to also have taken their 18-month old daughter with him.
26-year-old Billi Bays, the 18-month-old girl's mother, was staying with friends when witnesses say her estranged boyfriend, Edmonston, entered the home and became violent.
"It just happened so quickly," said Bays friend Trevor Anderson who says he saw the stabbing occur. "He went into our back bedroom and in kind of one motion, knelt over the bed and stabbed her once directly in the sternum."
The blade did not go through Bays' sternum and did not damage her heart or lungs.
"It's kind of hard to breathe, I have a two-inch stab wound in my chest," said Bays.
Now she's less worried about herself, and thinking more on the safety of her 18-month old daughter.
"I think she's in danger right now, because I didn't think he would hurt me, so why wouldn't he hurt our baby?" said Bays.
Investigators ask for help from the public to locate Randall Edmonston and 18-month-old Randy Edmonston.
Edmonston is considered to be armed and dangerous. Authorities believe he is driving a tan or cream colored 1983 Ford F-150 truck, with Illinois plate number 49620M.
If you have any information on the whereabouts of Edmonston or his 18-month-old daughter, contact your local police department.