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Bloomfield, MO

Teen accused of murder makes first court appearance

Donald McCollough Donald McCollough

Teen accused of murder makes first court appearance
By: CJ Cassidy

BLOOMFIELD, Mo. - A Stoddard County juvenile facing murder charges in connection with the death of 64-year-old Donald McCollough of Dexter, made his first appearance before a judge on Tuesday in Bloomfield.

The mood inside the courtroom was somber and emotionally charged, as the 13-year-old teen walked in and sat down in between his parents.  Several people waiting to catch their first glimpse of the suspect, observed he was "a big boy" and others said he was "immature looking."

The teen also wore a bulletproof vest under his shirt, and a long time friend of McCollough's and former juvenile officer, Bruce McClintock, who attended today's proceeding, noted it was probably because so many people were upset about McCollough's brutal murder.

The Chief Juvenile Officer, Mike Davies, did not comment, but he did say this is the first time in more than a decade they've filed first degree murder charges against a juvenile, and say they are not taking any chances.

Meanwhile, the suspect's parents also say this has been a nightmare for them, but the teen himself appeared devoid of any emotion. Davies also introduced an additional charge against the teen, a felony charge for flourishing a dangerous and deadly weapon in front of someone else, the same day he's accused of shooting and killing McCollough with a high powered rifle.

McCollough's body was discovered on his ranch just outside Bloomfield, on November 14th. The detention hearing ended with Judge Joe Satterfield deciding to hold the juvenile in custody for the time being, until the next detention hearing which falls next Tuesday. The decision would have been made today, but the teen did not have an attorney representing him, and that job now goes to a public defender.

Judge Satterfield also appointed an attorney to represent Mike Davies, who will file a motion to have the teen certified as an adult in the next week. Once that motion is filed, and both parties have been given about thirty days to work on the case, they will appear before the Judge again, and a decision will be made at that time, as to whether to certify the teen as an adult.

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