Accidental shooting outside Wal-Mart locks down local school

Accidental shooting outside Wal-Mart locks down local school
By: Ryan Tate
MALDEN, Mo. - A rifle blast turned an ordinary day of shopping into a shocking one, and sent a school district into lock down.
According to Malden Police investigators, the shot fired shortly after 1:00 p.m. Tuesday Afternoon into a front window at Malden's Wal-Mart.  No one was injured.
Tuesday night the man believed to be the cause of the accident spoke to police after seeing surveillance video on Heartland News.
"The man said he is hard of hearing and did not realize the rifle went off," Malden Chief Rod Dill said. "He told me he put the bags on the rifle, heard something, and believed it to be someone hitting his truck. When he did not find any damage, he drove away."
Further investigating found a bullet hole in the cab. According to Chief Dill, the investigation continues.
Just over one-hundred yards behind Wal-Mart is Malden High School.  When the reports of shots fired began circulating among administration, Superintendent Kenneth Cook issued a Lock down order for the district. This is the first time in his three years at the school a lock down was ordered.
"With the incidents of school violence we need to be more secure," Cook said. "In less than a minute and a half they were down. A deputy was substitute teaching and was very impressed."