Tips before you regift

Tips before you regift
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - We've all done it, or known someone, who has regifted. If you're thinking about pulling something out the closet this year and rewrapping it you'll want to keep reading.  As we found there are some rules to regifting so you're savvy and not tacky.

Christmas comes just once a year, but there's a strong possibly that at least one gift under the tree may have been around the block more than a few times. "I think regifting is great," said avid shopper Sheila Dastous.

"If it's something useful and practical that hasn't been used before I think regifting is just fine," said Angie Eaton.   

It can be but, regifting takes style and finesse. According to not all Santa's elves use common sense before they give out presents. Like reusing holiday wrapping paper, definitely tacky, a fresh roll will look sleek and sophisticated not messy or cheap.

Or leaving a price tag on a gift and perhaps trying to pass off a present you've literally all ready used like a decorative plate. "Mine had food on it and it had little chunks of food on it," said Eaton, "we threw it away!"

What would a savvy gift-giver do? You can reuse gift bags as long as they're in decent shape, but remember to get rid of the card if there's one attached and already used. "Don't give away something you wouldn't want yourself," said Eaton.

Also, try to think about the recipients like and dislikes that way you won't pass off a cute ceramic piano to someone who loves picture frames. If something's already opened you might was well just hold onto it.

At the very least, make sure you don't give something to someone who gave it to you that would be the tackiest off all. Happy gift giving!

You can find a link to more regifting tips here on our web site under newslinks.