Fourth grader writes a poem for Mom who's serving in Iraq

Fourth grader writes a poem for Mom who's serving in Iraq
By: Carly O'Keefe
BENTON, Ill. - Kennedy, Lars and Alexis Allen gather around the computer in their Benton home for their daily dose of instant messaging with mom. "Some times I tell her that I miss her and I love her and what's going on," said 9-year-old Kennedy Allen.
"She's usually on the computer at 6:30 a.m. It depends who gets ready first, then they sit down and talk to her and then the next one and the next one. And after they go to school, I sit and talk to her for about an hour or so, so that's our life right now," said the kids' step-dad, Jim Cox.
The children's mother, Specialist April Cox is an Illinois National Guard soldier. Step-dad Jim Cox served in Iraq as a marine in operation Desert Fox. Now he's raising the kids while April completes her tour of duty in the same country years later. 
"She went in post 9-11 trying to give her kids the same freedoms she had when she was a kid, so you've got to kind of admire her for that, gotta be proud of her," said Jim.
In addition to telling mom daily via e-mail how much she's loved and missed, 9-year-old Kennedy decided to write wrote a poem:

Military Moms

Military moms, oh, military moms
How strong, military moms
You do so good in fighting and
You do so good in loving
Military moms
You love your children
And your friends, but it's mostly
It's the children who love you
So, military moms, don't get so sad
Military moms
Your children love you
And you can love your children
Just as much as they love you
So, military moms, oh, military moms
We love you, military moms.

-Kennedy Allen

"I still get choked up just talking about it. It's just so magnificent that a 9-year-old child can have the idea that it's not about her, and it's not about her mom. It's about the good of the world, and that military moms are still loved even though they're away doing their job," said Jim Cox.
While Kennedy understands that Mom has a job to do, she says she'll never stop missing her.
"Sometimes it makes me feel sad when she's gone," said Kennedy.
Reporter: But you're proud?
Specialist April Cox has been in Iraq since September. She's expected to complete her tour of duty and return home next October.