Holding spending tips

Holding spending tips
By: Wes Wallace

Before hitting the malls this holiday season, financial experts recommend doing "the Santa". "Make a list of people you want to buy for, budget for each person, and stick to that list," says Derieck Hodges, a certified financial planner.

Hodges also suggests start shopping now, not later.  "If you go ahead and get some gifts now, you won't be stressed or pressured into impulse buying at the last minute."
Watch out for those in store credit card offers.  They may help save a percentage on really big ticket items, but Hodges says you could end up paying more in the long run.  "Especially if you don't pay them off and close them right away,"  adds Hodges, "You don't need an extra card in your wallet or another item on your credit report."
Hodges also suggests keeping your other purchases and expenses in check during the holiday season.  That way you don't stretch your budget thin and create more problems heading into the new year.