'Hard Days Nite' is saved by new owner

'Hard Days Nite' is saved by new owner
By: Arnold Wyrick
BENTON, Ill. - It's been a long and winding road for the owners of the Hard Days Nite, bed and breakfast in Benton, Illinois.  For the past 10 years Jim Chady and Connie Schultz have overseen the little house on McCann Street, keeping the Beatles memory alive.
But now there's a new keeper of the key for the Fab Fours piece of history here in the Heartland.
Sarah Morrison and her parents from Morris, Illinois became the official new owners of the house where George Harrison slept back in 1963.
"There was just so much possibility.  And so much that is already offered here, that how could I not want to be a part of whole experience," says Sarah Morrison.
"I was just in rapture when I came here with my mom.  And it was like a dream land for me."
For Chady and Schultz their magical mystery tour is over, but not without a lot of memories along the way.
"The highlight has been the wonderful Beatles fans that have stayed here.  We've meet people from all over the world that have stayed here who are Beatles fans," Jim Chady said.
With a few quick instructions and a reminder that they'll always be close by, Connie Schultz handed Sarah a 4 sets of keys to the bed and breakfast.  Each one on a key ring bearing the name of one of the Fab Four.
And Sarah brings with her, her own little collection of memorabilia of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.
"We have about 600 pieces of Beatles items that we plan to bring down here and add to the collection that's already here in the Hard Days Nite.  And eventually we're going to create a museum in the house next door here," Morrison said.
So it looks like it's going to be strawberry fields forever at a Hard Days Nite in Benton, Illinois.