Sale Shopping Tips

Sale Shopping Tips
By: Erica Byfield
PADUCAH, KY --Stores across the Heartland will soon begin slashing prices to get you to shop.  But, when do you know if that item on sale is really a bargain?  We did a little research on those advertisements to help you find the best deal. 
Either you love it or hate it, the Christmas shopping season.
In a matter of days every where you look you'll see signs touting sales.
Before you ransack the store there may be a few helpful tips you'll want to hear. 
"Comparison shopping is really important especially if your in a chain store because a lot of times you can go to a another store and find it for a little bit less," avid shopper Tracy Smith is right,  according to the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection.
In a holiday shopping alert the agency lists a number of ways to find the best deal like:
Read the fine print on sale ads carefully.
Think about time and travel costs.  Is it really worth it to drive across town for a gadget that's five dollars cheaper?
Don't forget to ask about sale adjustments.  Meaning if you buy something today and the prices drops tomorrow can you get credit or a refund for the discounted amount?
If you shop at a non-chain you may be out of luck, most don't offer jaw dropping sales.
"Our whole concept is not based on price, its quality and uniqueness," said local shop owner Susan Edwards.    
Ultimately it's up to you as a shopper to weigh one glittery ad from another and if the price seems a little fishy you may want to go ahead and pass it up.
You can find a full list of sale shopping tips right here on our website under News Links.