Veterans share their thoughts on the War in Iraq

Veterans share their thoughts on the War in Iraq
By: Holly Brantley
As the Bush Administration admits there clearly needs to be a 'fresh' approach in Iraq, local veterans talk about their time in the war torn country and share their thoughts on bringing troops home.
Monday, President Bush met with an Iraq Study Group to discuss future strategy.
But, if local veterans had a say, would they be in favor of pulling out of Iraq?
"What I would say is if we pull out now, what have we accomplished? If we pull out now, I'm afraid there will be a civil war," said Sgt. Chris Amacker. Amacker returned from Iraq just months ago.
Floyd Smith is a Veteran of World War Two. His grandson, Spc. Lee Smith, just  came home from National Guard duty in Iraq.
"After what them guys have put out, it just can't stop just like that," said Smith. "It's gotta come to a successful conclusion. I don't know what that is but after what these guys have done, it just has to be."
Those who only see images of war on television have mixed feelings on when to bring troops home.
"As long as it takes for a victory," said Prof. David Cameron. "At some point I guess we have to leave, but on the other hand, having gone there it'd be worse if we don't stick it out."
"I haven't seen an outcome from what we've tried so far," said Jacob Self. "I'd like to see our boys come home."