Storage unit thefts have residents seeking better locks

Storage unit thefts have residents seeking better locks
By: Erica Byfield

McCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - A few months ago we told you about storage unit thefts in McCracken County, and believe it or not, they've started up again.

We followed the story then and found the ground littered with broken locks.  Heartland News went back on the hunt on Tuesday and discovered that in last month nearly 35 units have fallen victims of theft.

For an added twist, when we told one man his storage unit had been broken into it was the first he had heard about it. "They tore your desk all to pieces Mary," Michael Wallis yelled to his wife as he looked what was left of his belongs in a storage unit.

Wallis called this the worst way to find out you've been burglarized, the local new station called you up. "You would think the ones who own this would have notified me instead of me hearing it from you."

He's not the only one in county scratching his head.  Wallis locked his unit, with what he though was a trusty and strong lock, but in the end it wasn't enough to keep the thieves out. 

More than 30 other people with pad locks in the area met the same fate. Deputies with the McCracken County Sheriff's department beefed up patrols in these high theft areas.  And are asking for the public help in catching the criminals, "notify us if they see anything strange or see anybody coming in these buildings after hours," said Deputy Dennis Gibson. "Everybody wants something done especially when it happens to them, and you can understand that."

While we were out Tuesday, Gibson spotted a couple of broken rusty locks like the one attached to Michael Wallis' unit. "It's a violation of who we are a lot of stuff belongs to our kids," said Wallis.

If the thrashed boxes and shattered CD cases don't say it enough, Wallis will, "its heart breaking really." He adds next time he'll opt for the disk lock because bolt cutters don't have a chance of breaking through.

Again to ensure your items in storage are safe try a disk lock, they run about $4.
If you have any information on break-ins please contact the McCracken County Sheriff's Department at 270-444-4719.