New Years Eve Sunday liquor sales debated in Paducah

New Years Eve Sunday liquor sales debated in Paducah
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - A glitch in the calendar may cause those in Paducah to ring in the New Year two hours early. 

The holiday spirit is running wild in Paducah, just about every business' put up some type of decoration, including your local bar.
 Since New Years Eve falls on a Sunday that means two problems for small bar owners Richard Myers.
First he's not allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays to begin with, because his bar seats less than 100 people and doesn't gross at least 50 percent of its sales in food.
Second, 10 pm is the typical last call on Sunday within the city limits.
"I could probably make 80 percent more money if they let me sale on Sunday," said Myers. 
Paducah city leaders are toying with the idea of an exception that will allow all bars, restaurants and private clubs the right to sale alcohol on New Years Eve until 3 am.
But not everyone in city government is keen on the idea like the Paducah Chief of Police.
Chief Bratton said he's is against it for a few reasons.  One Sunday is typically a slow day meaning there is a reduced staff patrolling the streets.  Two, if he calls in more officers for the evening the city will have to pay them overtime.  Chief Bratton did mention his disapproval of the exception has nothing to do with local business owners or residents. 
What do tax payers think?  It depends on who you ask.
"We pay the taxes and if that's what the people want that's what the people should get... it's a one time deal," said Bonnie Lewis of Paducah. 
"We don't need extra policemen on duty and we don't need that expense and it will be safer for our city streets," said Barbara Young also of Paducah.    
Paducah's city commission will make the final call in an up coming meeting (Tuesday evening) until then Richard Myers plans on keeping his fingers crossed because he says new years eve is a huge money maker.  
What will New Years Eve liquor sale look like in your community?   
In Cape Girardeau a spokes person with the city manager's office said business can sell alcohol until 1:30 a.m.  Places with a liquor license in Carbondale will serve up until 3 a.m.
But in Marion, Illinois you can't buy alcohol on Sundays and the mayor said that's an ordinance that will be upheld.