Flu Shots Are Here

People across the Heartland have been waiting to get their flu shots, trying to beat the bug. Now, most County health departments have their vaccine shipments in. For weeks now, only people who fall under the high risk group could get a flu shot. Now, in many parts of the Heartland, there's enough of the vaccine for anyone who wants to get one.

Jane Myers and Sarah Walters didn't have to wait long to get their shots. After only a few minutes, they walked right in. Sheila Hahs with the Perry County Health Department tells them, "This is the same vaccine as we gave last year. It's against the same viruses as last year, so if it didn't bother you last year it shouldn't this year." It's not too late for them to get their shot. There's been no confirmed flu case so far this year. Myers says, "I just postponed it. I just called the Health Department and they said they have a few days left that they're going to give it." Walters says, "I work with Scouts and I know how kids get sick. I just want to be safe."

They aren't the only ones in Perry County who didn't have to wait for their shots. Unlike other health departments, Perry County got its flu vaccine on time. Hahs says, "We received 1700 so we were able to start doing our clinics in late October." The good news is, there's more to go around. "I have 230 doses right here just waiting for someone to take," Hahs says. Even though most county health departments have the vaccine, they only have a limited supply. Your best bet is to call your local health department to see when they're having a clinic or when they're accepting walk in appointments.