What to do if you hit a deer with your vehicle

What to do if you hit a deer with your vehicle
By: Wes Wallace
The Heartland is in full swing with deer hunting season, but if you're unlucky enough you don't even need a gun or bow and arrow.
Some insurance companies estimate 500,000 deer-vehicle crashes happen on U.S. roads each year. They can causing death, injuries, and millions of dollars in damage.
So, what happens when the rubber meets the road and your car, truck, or van meets a deer?  The number one thing to keep in mind - if you can't slow down fast enough, don't try and swerve, just go ahead and hit the deer. Insurance agents tell Heartland News if you swerve, then you're more likely to hit something else like a tree, fence, or another vehicle.
"First and foremost after the collision, you need to contact police and them know what happened,'  says Ken Oberlohr, with American Family Insurance, "Then call your insurance agent to let them know what happened."
Oberlohr says you don't necessarily need to take pictures to document the deer damage, because most agents and adjusters can tell if you hit a deer or something else.  Of course every state and insurance company follow different laws and policies, so check with your agent just to be sure.