Immigration issues tear a Heartland family apart

Immigration issues tear a Heartland family apart
By: CJ Cassidy
POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. - A Poplar Bluff woman finds herself at the very heart of an immigration nightmare. She says authorities want to send her 35-year-old husband packing, after realizing he's an illegal alien from Mexico.
The way Peggy Flores tells it, she fell in love with an illegal alien, and thought getting married would solve their problems. Now almost four years later, Silvano Flores sits in a jail cell, and his wife realizes their lives may never be the same again. "I've seen several people that had married that gotten legal the same way. I just assumed once we got married, my husband would become a citizen," Peggy Flores.
Instead, Peggy Flores finds herself alone, responsible for five children: her son and daughter, and three of Silvano's children.  "Financially it's very hard to care for five children without a father," Peggy points out.
Flores says Silvano cared for the kids while she worked and went to school. Now, the woman who had such high hopes for the future feels lost. "I can't go to Mexico to be with him. I have a heart condition and I'm diabetic and also have a seven year old daughter I have visitation with here in Missouri," she says.
"We're all going to be separated," Katrina, Silvano's 12-year-old daughter whispers.
Silvano's children huddle close to Peggy. They hope authorities hear their pleas through letters they've written, asking for their father's return home. "My dad's trying to get legal they won't let him," Katrina explains. "We hope we can have our dad back and our family," Delfina, Silvano's ten year old adds.
In the meantime, other people in Poplar Bluff say they'll stand by the Flores family in their hour of need. "He was trying to get immigration papers started trying to get it finished that's the way it is in this country. You're either right or you're wrong," Martin Rushing says. "Without your husband never knowing if you're going to see him again or where he's going to be what's going to happen to him- it's the most stomach wrenching thing you can ever have," Peggy says.
The attorney representing Silvano Flores says his client will either post bond, and get a chance to go before a judge and state his case - or be deported. Until then he sits in the Southeast Missouri Correctional Facility in Charleston.