Caruthersville voters turn down bonds for new school

Caruthersville voters turn down bonds for new school
By: Ryan Tate
CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. - This week Caruthersville voters got a chance to decide whether or not to fund a new High School, following last April's F-3 tornado.  Voters said no.
The bond issue called for a $.85 increase per $100 of assessed valuation of property. District leaders estimated the bond would generate $4.5 million, which would help pay for an estimated $7 million new high school.

Voters rejected the measure.  "I'm not really surprised, but I was optimistic," Superintendent Nick Thiele said. "We have a community rebuilding and I understand there are people not ready to say yes."

Thiele says the District will try to put another bond issue on the ballot in April, with more information for voters.  He says architects still have not finished plans for the new building, and the District does not have money yet from the insurance company on the damage to the High School.
"They offered us $1.8 million, but we do not think that is enough," Thiele said. "Hopefully we will have that settlement in time for voters to make a decision.