Couple attacked in their home after answering the door

Couple attacked in their home after answering the door
By: CJ Cassidy
THEBES, Il. - Most people believe their home protects them from the dangers of the outside world. So getting attacked in that personal space can be devastating.  That's what happened to Ford and Linda Bevens of Thebes, but thankfully they lived to tell the tale.
Ford and Linda Bevens say they will never again open their door to a stranger. They found three men standing outside who asked to use their phone, the Bevens say when they opened their home to the men, their lives changed forever.
The Beven's home has been their haven for twenty years. Not anymore. "Our guns are right by our bed. They're by us when we're up, when we answer the door. We answer the door with a loaded gun in our hands that's how bad it's become," Linda says.
It all began when three strangers asked to use the couple's phone late Friday night, claiming they had car trouble. But instead of thanking them, one of the men turned on Ford Bevens, smashing in his nose.  "He had a hoodie on with a pocket thing. He pulled his hand out. He had brass knuckles on his hand he hit him that's when I came up with the gun," she says.
Despite the oxygen tank attached to her, Linda Bevens is hardly frail.  The problem is, she wasn't familiar with the gun she pulled, like she is with this one, so she didn't cock it.  "I was pulling the trigger for all it's worth. One of them said oh **** a gun! And they took off!" Bevans says.
"She handed the gun to me, as they was bailing in the car. I took a shot at them, but it was just a Billy gun just a dinky little thing," Ford explains.  He knows time will heal his broken nose, but he says the scars will remind him of the dangerous times we live in.  "You work all your life to get what you have and it ain't much and someone who's too lazy to work comes around tries to get what you have. That's bull," he says.  "I always said I couldn't shoot to kill anybody, but after they've done that in my house, I know I can shoot and kill them," Linda says.
The Bevens hope you learn from their lesson and keep your guard up when it comes to letting strangers in your home. The Bevens and others in their neighborhood say they would feel a lot safer if they had a police department in their town.
The one they had shut down a year ago.  Alexander County Sheriff's deputies patrol the area now.
The Alexander County Sheriff's Department is investigating the assault. If you have any information that might help, please call (618) 734-2141.