Job opportunities for veterans is a priority

Job opportunities for veterans is a priority
By: Arnold Wyrick
MARION, IL -- They've served our country with pride and honor, and now thousands of veterans are ready to take the next step in their lives.  For many that means finding a job once they return state side.

But finding that job isn't always easy, even when you're a veteran.  "We have made this our top priority that we market our services out in events like this Veteran's Job Fair in Marion, Illinois.  And that we bring the veterans to connect them with employers," says John Otey of the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

Dozens of potential employers from across Southern Illinois were called upon to show the veterans what they have to offer. "There's a lot of opportunities here.  There's so many different things it depends on what you're interested in.  And you get a chance to talk to the people about their company, and what sort of jobs they have available.  This is far better then just sending in a resume," says Heath McCullough a Veteran.

For many of our soldiers and their families, an opportunity is all they're asking for.  "People in our area it's very hard to find a good job.  And with a family we need the financial stability as much as possible," says Tabitha Taylor of Marion.

Some of the potential employers at Thursday's job fair were looking for some of the same skills in the applicants, that the military relies upon to complete it's missions.  "We like to recruit veterans, they make good employees.  They have great work ethics, they're reliable and dependable," says Don Gass of Continental Tire.

The Veteran's Job Fair in Marion, Illinois was just one of seven that were held throughout the state in recognition of Veteran's Day.