Moving Men

If you want to rearrange your living room, you probably wouldn't think of calling moving men.  But maybe you will after reading this!

It's normal to see moving men around Helpers Moving and Storage in Cape Girardeau -- but not THESE kind of Moving Men.  They're little plastic coasters with foam pads glued inside.  The manufacturer says, "just slip one of these under each leg or corner of furniture and even the heaviest piece slides along effortlessly."

"Moving Men works best on carpeted floors," Debbie Wicks, owner of Helpers Moving, reads directions out loud.  "You can also use them on finished concrete, ceramic tile, linoleum, or other non-scratchable surfaces."  That means wood floors are out.

We start with a heavy table on a vinyl kitchen floor.  "If you pick it up and pull without any help, you're pulling those legs, and they're loose," says Brandy Moore.  Brandy works behind a desk, not as a mover.  She'll gladly welcome some help in rearranging her furniture.

She puts the Moving Men discs under each leg, and tugs at the kitchen table.  It easily slides across the floor. "Oh wow!" she murmers.

But our test doesn't stop there.  We move on to a big, heavy recliner sofa -- one  Brandy needs help lifting to even slip the coasters in place. Again, they pull on the couch and it slides easily across the carpeting. "Oh, oh, oh!" Debbie excitedly squeals.  "See look, I can even push it.  And I'm wimpy!"

Let's try something a little taller and top-heavy -- a chest sitting close to the wall. The Moving Men discs can't sit centered under the legs because it's too close to the wall, but they try to move it anyway. Again, the chest glides across the carpeting, with all sorts of knick-knacks perched on top.

"If you were doing this without the Moving Men, would you have left your knick-knacks on top?" Amy asks.  "No, because they would have fallen and I don't want to break them. But they're not even wobbling right now!"

Getting the Moving Men in place isn't as easy at the commercials make it look, and will often be a two-person job.  It's difficult, if not impossible, for one person to lift and place the discs underneath a tall or top-heavy piece of furniture.  But once the Moving Men are in place, it doesn't take a much muscle to rearrange your furniture.

"If you got a piece you're moving from one side of the room to the other? There again, it depends on the size of the person," Debbie reiterates. "But if you have to go down the hall and maybe around a tight corner into a room, you're probably going to need two people because you don't want it bumping up against your walls."

The manufacturer implies one person can do it all, but in reality, it will often take two people to get the Moving Men in place. Once they're under your furniture, they do some of the muscle flexing for you.  Not exactly child's play or effortless -- but helpful nonetheless.  So the Moving Men earn a 'B.'