SIU Chancellor ousted

SIU Chancellor ousted
By: Arnold Wyrick
CARBONDALE, Il. - After five years overseeing the development of programs and numerous construction projects on the SIU campus, Chancellor Walter Wendler is being removed from office.

Southern Illinois University's President Glenn Poshard made the announcement Wednesday morning.  "Teamwork is the key to success.  And we do not have an atmosphere of teamwork here.  Not in Anthony Hall, not between Anthony Hall and my office," President Poshard said.

Poshard cited a number of reasons for his decision to remove Chancellor Wendler of his duties.  Those goals are creating a better atmosphere of teamwork and communication, implementing a successful student enrollment and retention plan, expanding diversity and opportunity, improve customer service to the region, and developing a greater sense of community.

"Because we have these crucial areas of need, as President of Southern Illinois University I have decided to build my own team.  One in which I have the utmost confidence to work in partnership to achieve our vision and goals," Poshard said.  "Accordingly I am appointing Provost John Dunn as Interim Chancellor effective November 15, 2006.  Chancellor Wendler will be reassigned as a tenured full professor in Architecture in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, as his contract requires."

President Poshard is hopeful to find a replacement for Chancellor Wendler by the Summer of 2007.

Chancellor Wendler had this to say about President Poshard's decision.  "The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Roger Tedrick, and the President of Southern Illinois University, Glenn Poshard share the responsibility to select people to provide vision, leadership, and management for Southern Illinois University Carbondale. They believe at this time that there is a more effective leader for the campus and will set out to find him or her.  I wish them the best in that quest, and appreciate the opportunity I have had to serve Southern in my capacity as Chancellor."