Shark Super Steamer: Does it Work?

Shark Super Steamer: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

Right on the box, we see the promise the Shark Super Steamer makes: "Blast with steam and wipe it clean."  So, I ask housekeeper Debbie Burton to help me see if this steamer lives up to its claim.
"Here at a motel, time is everything," says Burton.
Almost immediately, Debbie isn't so sure this new steam cleaner will be efficient, but she's sure it will sanitize one of the rooms here at the Super 8.
First, we pour some hot water into the cup. Then, the Shark must warm up for about five minutes. Debbie and I use that time to figure out how all these attachments work, then it's time to pull the trigger.
"Well, we're getting steam," Debbie notes. 
Makers of the Shark claim this steamer is a chemical-free way to clean, santize and deodorize. We'll see for ourselves.  By the way, on the surface, the shower looks clean, but Debbie promises the people who stayed in the room, just checked out. 
She pulls the trigger and immediatley the steam shoots out.  Debbie spots some dirt.  So, we grab one of the attachment brushes, and it's full steam ahead.
"Oh my!" Debbie is surprised at how much steam comes out.
So far so good.  Now, we attach the squee-ge, so we can clean this mirror.
"All right, we ready?"
Debbie really likes the way it turned out--- with no spots or drips! However, we both think we're literally running out of steam here, and that's when we notice a problem.
"It'd be nice to see how much you have left.  It needs a window or something so you can see if the water is running out, especially before you start a big project," says Debbie.
We refill, plug in the cord, and attach the upholstery rag so we can steam-clean these chair cushions.
"Anything, like this steam, kills mites," she notes.  Then, Debbie feels the cushions.
"It's not real wet and that's a good thing," says Debbie.
Next she takes off the rag so she can if we really picked up any dirt on the cushioins.
"See the difference! We got some dirt!" she says.
However, Debbie's not officially signing off on the Shark just yet. It had better clean the tile grout, like it shows on the box, to meet Debbie's white-glove approval. It takes a bit of time to do just one tile, but Debbie is pleased.
"It does a good job. That is 100 percent better," she says.
Debbie still isn't convinced the Shark can quickly tackle her cleaning jobs at the motel and she doesn't like the fact that there's no way to tell, from the outside, how much water is left before refilling.  However, she thinks the Shark is an overall good product.
I you're looking for something to really deep-clean your home, without the use of chemicals, this is for you. The $40 Shark hard surface cleaner shoots out a B+ this "Does it Work Wednesday" test.  I bought it at Bed, Bath & Beyond, but I have seen it at other large department stores.  Next week, I test the Oxi Ball!