Voter ID Mistaken

Voter ID Mistaken
By: CJ Cassidy
STODDARD COUNTY, MO --What would you do if you arrived at the polls, and the workers there told you you'd already voted?  That's exactly what happened to one Stoddard County man.  Chalk it up to concidence and timing. The good news, it's a one of a kind incident election officials don't expect will ever happen again.

Missouri National Guard Sgt. Robert Myers pays attention to detail; he's in charge of inspecting army vehicles.  So before going to cast his absentee ballot at the Stoddard County Courthouse Monday, he called ahead.

"When I walked in to vote, I found out just a minute before me another person by the name of Robert Myers had come in and voted," he says.
With his military ID, Myers quickly established who he was, and the county clerk called in the sheriff's department to investigate.
"I immediately started thinking identity theft.I got to lock down bank accounts, and get a hold of creditors," he says.
Eventually County Clerk Don White got to the bottom of the mystery.
Turns out there are two Robert Myers. Sgt. Myers and another Myers who wasn't yet registered in the county.
Moments after Sgt. Myers called the clerk, the other Myers walked in.
"We gave him a ballot by mistake with the credentials of the gentleman living in the county," White says. He calls it an absolute fluke.
"It was just one of those things that cropped up. Almost like a set of circumstances that happened here you couldn't get to happen in 100 years," White says.
"I'm actually quite a bit relieved. It's going to relieve of a lot of stress on me and my family," Sgt. Myers says.

He adds he doesn't mind having changed his bank and credit card information. He'd rather be safe than sorry.

In the meantime, the county clerk tells me it was all an honest mistake and sgt. myers' vote will be counted.  But the other ballot was flagged, and won't count.