Baby Bracelets Designed to Stop Kidnapping

Every parent wants to know their new baby is safe at the hospital after it's born. For years, hospitals have had different security systems to make sure babies are safe. Now, some Heartland hospitals are taking an extra step, safety alarms,on all new bundles of joy

It sounds like a fire alarm, but that's not the reason an alarm's going off at Missouri Delta Medical Center. It's what nurses and doctors would hear if anyone ever tried to take a newborn out of the OB unit. A baby bracelet which sets off an alarm. Nurse manager Tracy Hall says, "This is just an effort to prevent any abductions." It's an effort that moms like Alicia Hise are glad they've taken. She's in the hospital with her third child. When she was there with her first two, there was nothing like the alarm. Hise says, "It's very, very protective and it gives you more of a sense of security."

That's because it's an added security measure. They still have the matching ID bracelets for moms and babies, and hospital staff has to wear their IDs at all times, too. A small safety alarm is on all newborns' ankles. The alarm goes into effect when someone gets within six feet of the door. That's when an alarm and a light goes off at the nurses station. When someone opens the door, that's when the alarm goes off. "We just want to provide the most secure environment for our babies here," Hall says. "All the parents have really seemed to appreciate it and like it real well." Hise says, "I like it mainly because I know no one's going to walk away with her, and you hear it so much. I feel better knowing she's protected."

Other Heartland hospitals have the same safety alarm system, or something similar to it. All of them, have some sort of security system for their OB units.