Election Eve

Election Eve
By: Wes Wallace

With just hours to go before the polls opened, campaign workers for both Democrats and Republicans hit the pavement and the phones in a last minute frenzy.  Two different parties...one goal...victory Tuesday night.
"We're just trying to stress the importance of getting the voters to go to the polls,"  says Kathy Swan, Co-Chair of the Talent for Senate, Cape Girardeau County. 
Swan calls it a well organized effort with the Republican National Committee, the Missouri Republican Party, and the Cape Girardeau County Republicans.  Tuesday afternoon, the campaign workers braved the dreary, rainy weather to canvass neighborhoods and go door to door.
"They're not fair weather candidates and we're not fair weather volunteers,"  says Swan, "We feel strong in our support and commitment to the party."
Not far away, it's a similar scene at the Cape Girardeau County Democrat Headquarters.   Like the Republicans, the Democrats dial up voters and call on them to remember to vote.
"People are still deciding, so we want to give them extra encouragement to vote and not let Mother Nature get the best of them, if it's still raining on Election Day, " says Brenda Woemmel, Chairman of the Cape County Democrats.
The Democrats also hit the streets, knocking on doors and handing out fliers, as part of the final hours before the big day.
"We plan to keep working from now until seven tomorrow night when the polls close,"  says Woemmel.
Again, both parties hard at work, up till the very end.