Pets & Drugs stolen from Southern Illinois Humane Society

Pets and Drugs stolen from Southern Illinois Humane Society
By: Carly O'Keefe

JACKSON COUNTY, IL -- You've probably heard of a cat burglar before, but police in Jackson County are looking into a possible dog burglary.
"I came in this morning to clean, we always come in earlier before we open to the public, this is  not exactly what I expected to come into," said Assistant Manager Sherry Mullins of the Humane Society of Southern Illinois.
Outside, Mullins found a broken window and the door to the humane shelter wide open. Inside, there weren't many animals left in their cages.
"All the cage doors were open," said Mullins. "We had cats running everywhere, and we found four dogs running outside. We're still missing 12 of them."
All of the loose cats have been recovered, but Mullins made the gruesome discovery. She found one of the shelter's favorite rabbits, known as ‘sugar', dead in its cage.
"I don't know if they did something to her or if the dogs did, but she's been here two years and she was very close to our hearts and it's very upsetting in itself to see that happen to her," said Mullins.
One concern is that the missing dogs weren't just set free. Mullins fears they may have been stolen along with a supply of veterinary drugs including rabies vaccination, amoxicillin, euthanasia fluid, and tranquilizers. Until they know for sure the pets aren't roaming the county, volunteers plan to keep hunting for those dozen missing dogs.
"I think it's important that we get them back and well taken care of," said humane society volunteer Emily Timpe.
"Basically it's like looking for a needle in a haystack, so we need as many people as possible to try and help us find these dogs," said Mullins.
The only dogs not let loose had signs on their cages indicating they'd already been adopted. That leads humane society workers to wonder if the burglars may have been trying to "save" the animals. But the Humane Society of Southern Illinois is a no-kill shelter, and Mullins says the dogs are at a much higher risk out on their own.
If you come across any of the missing dogs, please contact the Humane Society of Southern Illinois at (618) 457-2362 or drop them off at the shelter located at:

Humane Society of Southern Illinois
95 Humane Road
Murphysboro, IL 62966

Missing are:
  • 5 to 6-month-old female shih Tzu/Maltese mix, blonde, weighs approximately 6 lbs. 
  • Two 8 to 9-week-old female hound/lab mix puppies, both are black and white, weigh approximately 10 lbs. 
  • 12-week-old male chow/golden retriever mix, reddish tan with black highlights, weighs approximately 15 lbs. 
  • 1 1/2-year old male black Labrador retriever named Cole, weighs approximately 70 lbs. (not neutered) 
  • 8-month-old female hound/border collie mix named Bermuda, white with black & brown highlights, weighs approximately 45 lbs. (not spayed) 
  • 1-year-old female husky/lab mix, black and white, named Zeta, weighs approximately 50 lbs. (not spayed) 
  • 7-month-old male Australian shepherd/collie mix, black/brown/white, weighs approximately 45 lbs., named Vladimir (neutered) 
  • 2-year-old female coonhound/Doberman, black and tan, named Clarabelle, approximately 60 lbss. (not spayed) 
  • 6-moth-old female cairn terrier/Scottie mix, black, named Chloe, weighs approximately 10 lbs.
  • 1 1/2-year-old male golden retriever, reddish gold, named Gordon, weighs approximately 65-70 lbss. (not neutered) 
  • 1-year-old male shepherd/collie mix, black/brown/white, named Gatsby, approximately 50 lbs.