After Stem Cell Treatment: On the Road to Progress?

After Stem Cell Treatment: On the Road to Progress?
By: CJ Cassidy

People in Missouri will vote on several issues when they head to the polls Tuesday, but Amendment Two is perhaps the most controversial of them all. The amendment would ensure stem cell researchers in Missouri can conduct research without any interference from the state legislature.

Cloning a human being would be outlawed under the amendment, as it already is under federal law. But, a Southeast Missouri man didn't wait for the outcome of the election.

We introduced you to 20-year-old Chris Hrabik before his trip to China for the stem cell treatment.
"I started moving my middle finger, at first and it was just like, hey! I couldn't do this before. It's kinda odd," Hrabik says.
After five weeks of stem cell treatment in a Chinese military hospital, he says he feels like he's been granted a new lease on life.
A car accident left Hrabik paralyzed two years ago, but he never gave up hope on walking again.
He says having a family who supported his decision to try the controversial treatment overseas, helped.
"While I was there, I received four spinal injections, and one IV injection of umbilical cord blood stems. I couldn't move my left hand pretty well but now I can independently move those four fingers.The pain in my legs was also like a joint pain, but as long as I stretch, I'm ok," he says proudly.
"When you're a parent, and your son or daughter is hurt, and you watch them getting better, you well up with emotion," Bob Hrabik, Chris's dad explains.
He points out Chris underwent proceedures that looked painful, without so much as flinching, but the pain that eventually came, was a welcome one..
The Hrabiks realize the journey ahead could be a long one, but Chris points out he's patient, and has all the time in the world.
"I've seen it actually work," he says.
Chris and his family say they also saw several people suffering from other ailments like Multiple Sclerosis and Lou Gehrig's Disease, undergoing similar treatment.
They say the Chinese gave them the best possible care.