11/1/06 - Cheese of the Month: Cheddar

Cheese of the Month: Cheddar
Air Date: 11/01/2006

No cheese is more autumn or more Thanksgiving fitting than our all-around American favorite, Cheddar. It is based on the original English Cheddar -- the Cheddar that came over with the Pilgrims, that we now enjoy with its very own taste as mild creamy Cheddar, or sharp or very sharp, crumbly, tongue-tingling Cheddar.

The strength of Cheddar depends on what dairy made it or how long it was aged. But each dairy's opinion of what's mild or sharp can vary, so we might have to try different ones to find our favorites.

There are a lot of nice ways to try the different types of Cheddar:

  • Team them with our November fruit -- apples, pears, grapes.
  • Put out a variety of all three cheese strengths and start some real fun!
  • Cheddar goes with any type of wine, so whichever ones you pair it with, you're always right.
  • If you're in a hurry, pick up a Cheddar party platter, sure to be a favorite with everybody.
  • Then there's Thanksgiving-time apple pie served with a wedge of Cheddar. To a lot of people, that's the only way to enjoy apple pie.
  • Cheddar is the featured star in simple macaroni and cheese.
  • A topping of Cheddar on any casserole makes it a richer casserole -- and that's any Cheddar you have on hand.
  • Any Cheddar will work on a salad, a sandwich, and on veggies.

White or yellow, there's no difference in taste, just color. The markets know that Cheddar fits now -- that's why there are all the sales around. It's all the better to...