Last Minute Costume Ideas

Last Minute Costume Ideas
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, KY --It's not too late to find a costume; with the clock ticking away you may have to get a little creative. 

Deshae Jacobs, "I'm a last minute shopper.  I ran in at 11am and said ‘open the doors quick.'"  Jacobs found a black cat costume, "it fits great too, you know, I was amazed."

In the final hours before Halloween trick-or-treating officially begins, I stumbled on tons of ideas and excuses.
"A lot of people can't find time to get off work and then it's Halloween and on oh god I got to get a costume," said David Waddell. 
You could pick up a traditional creepy mask, pull a ready made costume out of a bag or steal one of these ideas.   
"Actually one year my brother did the best thing ever he became a butt head, he just pulled a pair of pants up on his head and walked around like that," said Waddell. 
"You can throw a house rob and put rollers in your hair," said Jacobs. 
Connie Hayden owns Masquerade Costumes in Paducah and says sales are up more than four thousand dollars this year, "This is my favorite time of year, and I love it."
On this final shopping day sexy pirates, French maids, flappers and Elvis are the hot items.
Hayden added at six o'clock shops like hers are closed up for the day, so you will have to come up with another plan, "Just do something homemade.  Just run around the house and be creative."