Airwick Freshmatic Spray

Does it Work Wednesday
Airwick Freshmatic Spray
By: Lauren Keith
Okay, has this ever happened to you? You buy an air freshener, whether it's a candle, or a spray, or a plug-in device, only to find out days later--it doesn't work anymore!
That has certainly happened to Connie Smith.  She and I are both interested in the new Airwick Freshmatic air freshener.   Airwick promises this new product fills a room full of pleasant aromas, almost effortlessly. It claims a poof of air will spray every nine, 18 or 36 minutes, depending on which setting you choose.  The starter kit comes with two AA batteries. First, we notice this warning.
"Be sure to place the unit above eye level," reads Connie.
The directions also say: don't put this unit near any kind of flame. I also turn off Connie's ceiling fan. I want to see just how far this air freshener travels in the room on its own.
Back to the test, the green light is flashing, letting us know the batteries work, and at nine minutes, this air freshener should spray. Sure enough it does! Boy, does this thing spray! Now I see why you should place it so high in the room.
"Make sure there aren't any kids standing in front of it," adds Connie.
We time the sprayer again, and once again, the Freshmatic sprayed at the next nine minute interval.  Then, we walked out of the room for a bit.  We want to see if we can smell the Harvest Spice scent when we re-enter.
"I can smell it. I do like it.  I think it's better than the other air fresheners I've tried," says Connie. 
In fact, the spray is so powerful, we decide to run it on the 36 minute setting; spraying every nine minutes might be too much in Connie's family room.
"Another advantage is that it runs on batteries and it doesn't use your electricity," says Connie.
Let's hand out a grade now. Based on first-time use only, Connie gave it a B+. She's still skeptical the scent will actually stick around for a bit. So, I asked her to keep the air freshener for about a week, running on the 36-minute setting.  Here's what she said when I returned.
"It's a powerful smell that smells pretty good," she says. 
Plus, she's bumping up the final grade, and so am I.  The $10 Airwick Freshmatic certainly lives up to its claims and comes out "smelling rosy." It gets an "A" on this Does it Work test.  I will give it an A+, if I go back in 60 days and it still smells great.   
Next week, I test the new Oxi Detergent Ball.