Election Phone Banks

Election Phone Banks
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO --We've heard about election issues and met the candidates, but party work is just heating up.  Now the focus is on getting you out to vote.  They do so by getting on the phone, and talking to voters.

71-year-old Paul Summers is a staunch Republican, who spends most of his retirement on the phone, reading from a script, with some occasional adlibbing.
"I think they make a difference. If they didn't we probably wouldn't be making the calls," Summers says.

Despite their political differences, Democrat volunteer Cindy Adams agrees with Summers.  She juggles calls even while she babysits her grandaughter.

"It's to get out the lazy people to the polling centers; the lazy democrats; the lazy independents. That's what we call them. They're not really lazy, but they don't bring forth the effort," Adams says.
Volunteers pick the numbers they call off of state and national lists, and say sometimes they get the tele-marketer treatment.
"Sometimes, they're rude. A lot of times, they're polite," Adams says.
"Most people give you the common courtesy. If they're going to vote for the other party they tell you so.

Still, those calls won't stop anytime soon.  Both parties say this week is the most crucial and volunteers say they're not going to let someone being rude, stop them from getting the message out.