Deadly driving hours for teens

Deadly driving hours for teens
By: Erica Byfield
GRAVES COUNTY, KY --It's a rite of passage for 16-year olds to get behind the wheel.  And you may think the most dangerous time for them to be on the road is late at night or on the weekends, but you could be wrong.
A recent study by AAA finds that the highest number of deadly crashes happens during the week right after school.    
"I drive an import it's a Toyota MR 2 it has two seats.  I like it a lot it's older but I think it fits my personality," Chelsea Harman's a senior with wisdom behind her years and said she's not surprised with the results of the AAA study.
"It's kind of scary to be on the road at 3 in the afternoon."
AAA looked over federal crash data involving 16 to 17-year olds drivers from 2002 to 2005.
The travel club found most teens died in crashes between 3pm and 5 pm weekdays as Friday and Saturday nights.
"I actually know someone in an accident, it was actually my brother.  He was leaving school on a rainy day and he was coming home and someone pulled out in front of him and he actually hit a ditch," Harman.   
She's not the only one on the eagle campus with a story to tell about accidents. 
"There's been quite a few in our area too," mentioned 17-year old senior Phlecia Ellington. 
"Last week a guy that I had a few classes with, he ended up getting run into the back of in our parking lot," said Quentin Johnson. 
He's in his fourth year at Graves County and said he expects adult supervision in the parking lot. 
"We have teachers go out and they kind of act like traffic control and the stop them, it keeps it flowing relativity quick."
Like clock work, the 3pm bell rings and sets nearly 1,500 students free, administrators hope the information these teenagers picked up in class and on the road will keep them safe.   
AAA suggests telling your student to buckle up and try not to use a cell phone in the car.