Toys for the 6th Grade Set

We continue to help Santa with his Christmas toy search, with our 'Does it Work Toy Testers. Amy Jacquin headed to Perryville, where sixth graders give a thumbs up or down to several popular pre-teen games.

We had the Rock Tumbler, which is a do-it-yourself science experiment -- an advanced Lego puzzle -- and this year's top selling new board game, Cranium.

Cranium promises to tickle your brain with charades, true or false team questions, and puzzles. But right off the bat, we notice the questions are pretty hard for this age group.

Let's skip to the Star Wars Lego kit, where some Perryville 6th grade boys were eating it up! It took them only about 10 minutes to put the space ship together, but those who actually worked on it really seemed to like it.

The Rock Tumbler is another story. First, they had to fetch cooking oil and water, then put the contraption together. Turns out -- that was the funnest part! We plugged it in only to discover it had to run for 48 hours! Despite the 2-day delay, this group is curious about how the rocks will turn out! However, not curious enough to put it on their Christmas lists!

Meanwhile, the Cranium table gets more crowded, but it doesn't get easier.

"It's hard, but fun," says one 6th grader.

"I think it would be a good thing to keep in the classroom, says their teacher.

So here's how our toys rank -- $35 Cranium gets an 'A', even adults will like this one. And Star Wars Lego Ship at $20 gets an 'A' as well, particularly with the boys. And the $30 Rock Tumbler? Two days later we opened the tub, but the rocks remained rocks -- no pretty, shiny stones! The Tumbler is slow and disappointing, so it finishes with an 'F.'