Report Card Rewards

Report Card Rewards
By: Erica Byfield
PADUCAH, KY --Student report cards are in the Heartland and now the question arises, should parents reward their children for high marks?  And if so, what do you give them?  As we found out it may depend on the student's individual needs.   
Almost every student in Mrs. York's fourth grade class received more than a pat on the back for their latest report card.
"I had one child walk in and tell me every time he makes an 'A' he gets $10 and if he gets a 'B' $5," said Barbara York. 
Money may be the traditional incentive, but on all parents can afford to hand over green to an excelling student.
Some students at McNabb Elementary went out to eat, earned a trip to the mall or got a little extra parental attention for their grades. 
"One little boy said he's mom just gave him hugs and kisses and I think he was probably more thrilled than a lot of the other kids that go prizes or something," said second grade teacher Karen Smith. 
Both Mrs. Smith and York agree; children need positive reinforcement from parents or guardians.
"You kind of want to give them that work effort, if they do their work and put in time they'll be a reward for that," said York.
"It does take the whole family for them to have success in school," said Smith.
Report cards are released every 9 weeks.
According Leap Frog, a children educational toy maker, incentives are useful but ultimately students need acquire a genuine interest in learning to ensure success later in life.