Red Ribbon Week lessons depend on age

Red Ribbon Week lessons depend on age
By: Erica Byfield
PADUCAH, KY --The last full week in October is Red Ribbon Week across the nation to honor drug awareness.  We wanted to know exactly how school leaders cover the topic and as we found out it may depend on your grade level. 
As with everything else in school, teachers tell you information in bits in pieces based on your age and grade.
Thus, when it comes to drugs, kindergarten classes start off with a basic question.
"First of all I ask them what a drug is," said Debby Curtis, McNabb Elementary Guidance Counselor and Red Ribbon Week chair.  
"We develop a concept that a drug is anything that changes the way your body works," said Curtis. 
She also mentioned school leaders did not want to give the children too much information and once, "We talk about the body and how important it is to be healthy."
At McNabb they students receive goodies like "team up" pencils and red bracelets with candid reminders to "say no".  
If your child's in upper grade the conversations stepped up a notch and begin to steer towards:  how drugs make you act?  And, why people do them?
"We categorize them from helpful or harmful drugs and from there we think about reasons if they know they are harmful why people do them," said Curtis. 
This year parents were asked to get involved in a parent/student poster contest
"Parents are the 1st teachers of our children so we really want to get them involved," said Curtis. 
Red Ribbon Week started in 1985 as a tribute to a fallen Drug and Enforcement Administration special agent killed in the line of duty; while in Mexico doing undercover work.