Toys for 2nd Graders

Even Santa needs some help when it comes to choosing toys, for all those well-behaved little girls and boys. An Oak Ridge 2nd grade class, tries several popular choices to see if they pass. Time now for another does it work toy test. Amy Jacquin shows us some toys the kids grabbed with zest.

Three toys we show second graders at Oak Ridge school -- right away you can tell they think it's cool. Wide eyes, hands raised, and ants in their pants. They want to try them, so excited, in place they dance!

We have an old favorite, the board game Operation. Also Harry Potter Lego, and a Gundam action figure to tickle the imagination. So grab them and go, in groups they gather. To test the fun and.... Okay, I can't think of anything that rhymes with gather! Anyway, on with the story...

Lego is still very popular, pretty much with every age group. This one capitalizes on the Harry Potter craze. And it's already a hit with this bunch.

There's an entire collection of Gundam figurines, affordably priced at less than ten dollars. The big attraction seems to be popping them apart, and switching accessories. Not as many gather around this toy, but it definitely has some fans.

A bunch of kids want to operate, but first things first. We have to put batteries in. However, there's a loose connection or something. We fiddle with it for almost 15 minutes, but it's defective! We tried several sets of batteries, and it just doesn't work.

Amy didn't want to open the games until the she brought them to the classroom. Parents don't want to give an opened gift as a present to a child. So what are you to do? Maybe you should test them all out first? Imagine that happening to a child on Christmas!

It didn't take long for these Oak Ridge second graders to turn to other classroom games.

Some turned to other toys -- others, by the new ones stayed. So after an hour of play time, here's how we grade.

The Harry Potter Lego castle -- lots of fun, little hassle. They'll build this along with the movie you'll play, so with that in mind, we give it an 'A.'

Gundam figurine little boys do enjoy, not a bad investment for an imaginative toy. Kids will reach for this, if you ask me... and not a bad price, so it deserves a 'B.'

The game Operation... we happened to get a dud. But we remember the laughs it brings when playing with a bud! Coordination, concentration and anatomy you see, still good enough to earn a 'B.'