Student Makes Threats; Faces Felony

Student Makes Threats; Faces Felony
By: Wes Wallace

CHAFFEE, MO --A Chaffee High School student learns a lesson the hard way, after admitting to sending terroristic threats to a few of his classmates. It's something Chaffee staff and students find hard to believe. Prosecutors charged 17-year old Aaron Volkerding with making a terrorist threat, following threats he made to fellow students over the internet.
"He was one of my closer friends, we hung out together," says Brittany Koch, "Aaron was always easy going, he's liked by everybody, the top five of our class, so I just don't know why he'd say stuff like that."
It's something school leaders can't figure out either, but Superintendent Ken Latham knows he and his staff just can't keep an eye on students once they leave school grounds.
"Our school is safe on the inside, it's the things outside you can't control, you have to be police judge and jury on that sometimes," says Ken Latham.
That's what happened last week, when several Chaffee students notified authorities about the threats made by Aaron Volkerding. Investigators say the honor students admitted to what he did, but it's a tough lesson learned for the young man. It's also a reminder for students at any school to be careful when using the internet.
"It doesn't matter if you're a good student or a great student, because we're gonna make you accountable if you make threats," warns Latham.
Brittany Koch agrees, "I'm really careful, it's so close to home now, you don't think that kind of stuff will happen, but when it does, it makes you think a little more about what you say, how you say it, or when you say it."
Aaron Volkerding could face up to two years in prison for the felony charge of making a terror threat.