Paducah Police confiscate 26-pounds of marijuana

Paducah Police confiscate 26-pounds of marijuana
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, KY --Paducah Police rounded up what some officers are calling the biggest drug bust they've seen since joining the force!  Leaders confiscated more than $40,000 worth of marijuana at a single home. 
Thursday's bust filled at least three tables along with four bags of loose plant buds.
"It's a sizeable amount," said Sergeant Shawn Maxie.
He and others on the drug task force picked up 26-pounds of weed at a home in McCracken County. 
"The storage building was broken up into two different rooms one was a drying room and one he processed and bagged it up," said Maxie.   
Police arrested 57-year old Randall Davis, the owner of a local plant nursery.
Neighbors on either side of Davis had mixed opinions about what else he may have been growing out here.
"This is a nice area out here, nice and quiet and last thing we want in the neighborhood is drugs," said Billy Albritton who has lived in the neighborhood for 18 years. 
"It's the country, your in the country, people do what they want when they want, you got an outlaw in the neighborhood so what.  They don't bother you, you don't bother them," mentioned RJ Leary. 
This is not the first time officers searched Davis's property, "there had been a prior search warrant served at his home about seven years ago.  But at that time someone else was charged," added Maxie. 
The "someone else" is Davis' own son.  For his part, police say Davis admitted to selling this pot locally at about $1,600 a pound. 
Sergeant Maxie says that's another reason why he's pleased to make this bust and see these drugs off his streets. 
Police booked Randall Davis in the McCracken County Jail on Thursday.
Since then he has bonded out.  If Davis is convicted, he faces up to ten years behind bars.