Police now investigating four separate shootings in two days

Police now investigating four separate shootings in two days
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - If this story about gunfire in Cape Girardeau sounds familiar, it's because we told you about two very similar shootings on Wednesday.  The latest report of shots fired into an apartment on North Fountain Street.

In all four cases shooters fired into homes, in all four amazingly enough - no one injured.

Still police say the people in the apartment on North Fountain may have just been lucky, the shooters fired almost forty shots into the bedroom where a young boy and his mother were sleeping.

They awoke to a hail of bullets shattering windows.  "I just heard gun shots and at first I thought my momma was playing with me but then bullets. I saw a hole in the wall, so I got on the floor," Alan Brand says.

Not exactly an experience you'd expect a fourteen-year-old to have.  "I wasn't really scared," he says. "I was like why would someone shoot at this house?"

That's what police want to know, as they take on this fourth shooting in two days.

The first happened on Good Hope.  The second incident was on Mimosa, and witnesses watched in horror as four men opened fire on their home and car. The third took place in the 1200 block of Ranney. "We believe they are related. These are all tied in some way but we're not one hundred percent sure what the motive behind this was," Patrolman Jason Selzer with the Cape Girardeau Police Department says.

"I don't know who could have done this. I don't have no beef with anyone my young kids don't have no beef with no one. Whoever did this I'm asking for justice they had no business shooting up in here anyway," Jacqueline Brand says.

Most of the shooters' bullets didn't penetrate the apartment's thick brick walls.  But some did.  One bullet through the kitchen window lodged in Jacqueline Brand's refrigerator.  Another seared a path across her son's bedroom ceiling, through the wall, and into the bathroom.  "I'll go back to sleep in this same room," Alan Brand says.

Police are asking once again, if you have any information to please call (573) 335-6621.