Lower prices on prescription drugs hits the Heartland

Lower prices on prescription drugs hits the Heartland
By: Arnold Wyrick
PULASKI, Il. - Wal-Mart rolled out it's lower prices on prescription drugs earlier this month in Florida.  Now it's slashing back prices on medications here in Illinois.  The giant retailer is offering generic medications at just $4 a prescription.
"When a big retailer does something, they have something in mind.  They're not just going to offer four dollar prescriptions without and ulterior motive.  And I think that's where it is, they're just trying to lure people into their stores," says Pharmacist Dean Rogan Sr. at Rogan Country Pharmacy in Pulaski.

And Rogan points out  consumers need to take a really close look at what Wal-Mart is truly offering. "There's a list of only so many different medications.  Then the quantities are smaller.  So see that's how they're getting around that," Rogan said.

But some folks in Carbondale say lower prices for their prescriptions is worth looking into.  "I think with today's needs $4 prescriptions, I think it's going to catch a lot of people's eye.  I think it's going to be a big factor.  I think it'll make people change pharmacies," says Elden Shaffner of Carbondale.

"It depends on how big the difference is.  Of course four dollar prescriptions makes a big difference.  I mean you save some money, you save some money.  But if it's a mom and pop store I'm still going to support them a lot," says Jim Crawley of Carbondale.

And as far as Rogan is concerned, he's banking on his friendly customer service, and rural location to keep people coming back for all their medical needs.  "It doesn't affect me very much at all simply because most of our prescriptions are third party.  We have very few cash patients.  So it won't affect me," Rogan said.

The other states where Wal-Mart is rolling back their prices on prescriptions are: Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, Indiana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas and Vermont.