Changing check scams target the Heartland

Changing check scams target the Heartland
By: Wes Wallace
OLIVE BRANCH, Il. - Check cashing scams are nothing new to the Heartland.  We've told you before about schemes stretching from Nigeria to the Netherlands and everywhere else.  Consumer experts say the latest scams stem from the United Kingdom and Canada.
Starla Arnold just managed to avoid getting ripped off herself.  "I got real excited, I wanted to cash it, but I'm glad I didn't,"  says the Olive Branch, IL resident.
Arnold got a check in the mail Monday from a Michigan based company.   In the letter accompanying the check, it told Starla she was a winner in a London, England lottery.  All she had to do was cash the $1000 check, send the money to an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada address, and then she'd get more than $115,000 in return.
Starla's husband says they thought they hit the jackpot, but just to be sure, they went to the bank to check on the check.  Unfortunately, it was bogus.
Several other items on the check and letter just didn't match up.
We also received a call from Amy Henson of Perryville, MO, who says she also recently got a check in the mail that looked authentic but wasn't.
Amy and Starla wanted to warn others about the scams.
Consumer experts remind us of a few tips.  First and foremost, if you didn't enter a contest, you didn't win a prize or any money.  Also, it's against the law to enter a lottery outside the United States.