Missing woman's husband's world is caving in

Dale Butler
Dale Butler
Missing woman's husband's world is caving in
By: CJ Cassidy
RISCO, Mo. - It's been almost nine months since Teresa Butler simply disappeared.  Her husband reported the 35-year-old missing when he returned home from his overnight job, back in January.
Now Dale Butler has even more problems, and he's turning to you for help.  "My little one says daddy our house is broke. I say daddy don't have no money to fix it," Dale Butler says. He says his world began crumbling around him when his wife disappeared in January.
But the heavy, unforgiving rains in New Madrid county last month, brought more of his world caving in.  "I've got pride.I don't really like to ask people but I know my son and he don't need to be here. There's bacteria and mildew, and he's already taking breathing treatments for asthma," he says.
Butler doesn't have insurance, so for now he keeps the boys beds covered up hoping to keep them dry.  "There's mildew, but I don't want to leave incase my wife comes home," he says.
"He wants to be here when she walks back in the door," Paula Pearson says. She like other townsfolk in Risco supports Butler's unwavering beliefs. Pearson also spearheads a long term recovery team that helps people affected by disasters - and hopes Dale's next.
"We just wanted to help Dale raise enough money to fix the house back up, so when Teresa comes home she'll know dale's taken good care of the boys and everything," she says. "Miracles happen everyday- that's what I'm hoping for," Butler says.
In the meantime Butler holds his kids close, and gently explains to them they may have lost their bedroom and many of their toys, but they'll never lose their parent's love.
To add to his troubles, Butler's currently out of work after hurting his back in a recent car crash.
If you'd like to help the family there's a fund set up at the Sun Security Bank in Risco.
You can also call Paula Pearson at (573) 396-5511, if you'd like to volunteer labor or materials.
The New Madrid County Sheriff says investigators are still following up on every lead they get, and Butler's also set to share his story on the Montel Williams show in New York at the end of the month.