America's population tops 300,000,000 Tuesday morning

America's population tops 300,000,000 Tuesday morning
By: Holly Brantley
At approximately 6:46 a.m. Tuesday, America reached a milestone. Someone unknowingly moved into history as the 300 millionth American. As the population grows, people move from coastal areas towards less crowded regions, like the Heartland.
In 1915, the United States population hit 100 million. By 1967, the number grew to 200 million. And just 39 years later, the nation approaches 300 million.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau,  the population grows by one American every 11 seconds. The  number is really just an educated guess. The number is reached using a formula that crunches births and new immigrants against deaths. So, whoever actually becomes the 300 Millionth American will probably never know.
Today's views on population growth differ, but reaching 200 Million 39 years ago seemed to be a magic number.
While the U.S. Census Bureau never named anyone as the 200 millionth American, LIFE Magazine picked Bobby Woo. Woo was born in an Atlanta hospital at the exact moment the census clock clicked over to 200 million.
"The average American doesn't really exist," said Woo. "But what you ended up with in the process was the random American."
Woo may be random, but he's hardly average. He went to Harvard College and Harvard Law School. Today's he's a partner in an Atlanta firm.

So, who will be the 300 Millionth American? It could come by birth, oath, or simply by crossing the border.

"That's because we don't count every single birth in the United States, we don't count each person crossing the border in either direction, so you're guess is as good as mine," said Linda Jacobsen, of the Population Reference Bureau.