Rebuilding Cairo: A different approach

Rebuilding Cairo: A different approach
By: Wes Wallace
CAIRO, Il. - The "F" word comes to Cairo! The "F" standing for forgiveness.  It's part of a two week long project using social awareness to change the cloudy climate hanging over town.
"This is a departure for us,"  says Donna Raynalds, Executive Director for the Southernmost Illinois Delta Empowerment Zone (SIDEZ), "We're hoping people can learn new ways of thinking and move out of conflict.."
The conflict between Cairo city leaders is no secret.  While it's much different than the tension between the infamous gangs like the Crip and the Bloods, there's now a connection.  On Monday, former Crip Aqeela Sherrills helped launch the Forgiveness Journey project in Cairo.  Sherrills spoke about the importance of healing and moving on.  He says, "Forgiveness is an initiation process that actually leads to deeper questions that guides us to a place of compassion."
Donna Raynalds says in the past, SIDEZ helped with business development, tearing down eyesores, as well as several other projects.  Rather than an economic approach, SIDEZ now uses a social method to try and help make improvements. 
The Forgiveness Journey runs through October 29th at the National Guard Armory in Cairo.