Police bust man posing as a dentist to get prescription drugs

Police bust man posing as a dentist to get prescription drugs
By: CJ Cassidy
FARMINGTON, Mo. - Ever hear the one about the dentist and the fake dentist? It's the kind of story police in Farmington say they hear at least five or six times a year, as crooks try getting their hands on expensive drugs.
But an area dentist says he wasn't quite up to speed on the way crooks operate. And while it's no secret many people try to avoid going to the dentist, Douglas Ross says his former patient, takes the cake.
Dr. Ross has been a dentist more than forty years, and he's never been down in the mouth about his job, until now. "I had a phone call from a pharmacist at Walgreens who asked me - 'Dr. Ross did you phone in a prescription for Oxycontin?' I said no I didn't, who would wanted to have that?"
Police say the fake dentist turned out to be 20-year-old Gregory Adams of Ironton. He evidently did have some problems with some teeth decaying possibly from drug use and had major pain no way of getting a prescription.
Ross says his former patient should have called him. He wonders too, why Adams allegedly called the prescription for hillbilly heroin as it's commonly known, in his brother's name.
"I said no way I don't prescribe that. I really didn't say those nice words just then - I said something else," he chuckles remembering. "We sent an officer to Walgreens to wait for Adams to show up. When he showed up to pick up the prescription he was immediately arrested," Chief Rick Baker with Farmington Police Department says.
For now, police and the real dentist are grateful to the quick thinking pharmacist, and hope other retailers stay just as alert.
"This is the same drug Rush Limbaugh got in trouble over down in Florida, and they dragged his physician over the coals over the same thing and others who wrote prescriptions, so yeah it would put me at risk," Dr. Ross says.
He adds he also got a call from another pharmacy in Iron County saying Adams did the same thing there. Adams has not been charged yet.