Surviving Breast Cancer: Financial Help for the Fight

Surviving Breast Cancer: Financial Help for the Fight
By:  Tiffany Sisson
It's difficult for some of us to imagine getting sick, and not getting treatment because of no health insurance. That's an obstacle facing a lot of women. After finding a lump, some give up the hope of survival. But now, they don't have to.
Chemotherapy, radiation, drugs to treat breast cancer are all luxuries that not every woman diagnosed with the disease can afford. Ruth Hudson, a clinical breast specialist, works with those women everyday, "I have ladies that call me everyday, they call me and say I think I have a lump and I don't have any insurance."
The minority, those with a low to average income, and little or no health insurance are among the group where death rates from breast cancer are higher. "After reviewing the under served in this area, the women were not receiving their screenings, the number of breast and cervical cancer were high.
Now, those women have somewhere to turn for help. Show Me Healthy Women provides medical services to women who need them most. "We pay for the ladies to have the same kind of care if you have health insurance," explained Hudson.
The women get an array of services that, truly are, life saving. "They're sitting there in tears because they now know they can get their mammogram, they can get their treatment, they don't have to worry about how it's gonna be paid for," said Hudson.
Illinois and Kentucky have similar programs.